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iGame :iconxyyme:Xyyme 2 2
Steeping Anger
No, you see
her anger
it's like tea
She'll leave it there
and let it steep
watching with care
So that when she sees me
its flavor will be strong
and I'll smell that she's angry
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 2 2
The Irony Of Life
It's so ironic
that living my daily life
sucks my life away
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 1 1
Mature content
Wrath's Reign :iconxyyme:Xyyme 0 0
Winter Memoir
The car ride there was short and awkward, and felt like an eternity that went by just a bit too fast.  We got there and walked into the box projecting from the side of the dome like structure and immediately I was befuddled by the frigid air and sudden question about my shoe size.  There were so many people there and I scoured through the faces looking for someone I might know or for his face but neither was there to avoid.  It was just us, her mother, her sister, and hundred faces I didn't know.  I stumbled my way out to the ice in my uncomfortable new shoes like a newborn fawn trying to keep up with its mother in the snow.  She was far more graceful.  I got on the ice and pushed off on the grainy wood of the rail while I heard shrieks of fear behind me.  My balance is terrible, but because of that I'm great at catching myself.  The watery ice glided beneath me like a chipped knife over silk, smooth, but choppy.  We held hands and floated over the frozen pond like angels.  She
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 0 4
We Need To Learn To Love
Killing because we can
Is that now the case?
I don't like where we're going
Not as an "intelligent" race
I can't help but feel
Tears roll down my face
When I look at society
And all its disgrace
I see where we're going
At such a fast pace
We'll hit hell so hard
We won't leave a trace
We need to learn to love
It's each other we must embrace.
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 0 0
And there goes
Twenty innocent ones
Six feet under
Cuz he played with guns
Discontent as usual
He targeted his mom
And they were in his way
He killed like a bomb
How can they broadcast
Without shedding a tear?
How can they go to school
And learn without fear?
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 0 0
Let The War Begin :iconxyyme:Xyyme 4 18
This ever dense stone
Sits heavy in my chest
Pulling me down
I fall from my nest
My comfort shaken
Breathing hard
The stone comes to life
I let down my guard
I burst out with
Spiritual explosion
For the first time
I release all emotion
And now my mind
Is without thought
Without fear
Filled with naught
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 1 1
Mature content
Such Is Life :iconxyyme:Xyyme 2 4
Darkness Up My Spine
The moon's rays
so perfectly pure
fill my gaze
yet so obscure
the night time air
brings life to the dark
unseen and rare
old life but alive
the midnight breeze
shakes my brain
just as the leaves
that fall to the earth
And the stars call
begging for attention
before they too fall
like all other life
And I sit here
dreaming of happiness
losing each dream
with every lost tear
this darkness is mine
And it starts from my root
and floods up my spine
and crowns me prince
Prince of hell
ruler of my own pain
only a shell
just full of darkness
I return to me
and the destruction
that is my reality
against my will
For my will has died
and my strength left me
even though I tried
It was pointless
Futile from the start
such a waste of time
too weak in heart
I shouldn't have tried
Passive life is key
Though I'm unsure of how to love
When my life is a movie
And I'm watching myself
But trying to make
changes by my strength
made my spirit break
leaving me dead
:iconxyyme:Xyyme 3 0
Path To The Past :iconxyyme:Xyyme 2 1 Gate To The Fairy Universe :iconxyyme:Xyyme 3 0 Overgrown Memories :iconxyyme:Xyyme 2 7 Leaving The Past Behind :iconxyyme:Xyyme 4 0 Man's Empire :iconxyyme:Xyyme 1 0
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Xyyme(said like "lime" but with a Z instead of an L)
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It's due time for a World Revolution to change everyone and everything. I'm sick and tired of the world revolving around material things and hatred being the only motivation to do anything. Please read some of these articles:

Where Is The Love?
How To Parent

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I'd be more than happy to join any other creative or inventive websites as well! Please point me towards any!


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