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The moon's rays
so perfectly pure
fill my gaze
yet so obscure

the night time air
brings life to the dark
unseen and rare
old life but alive

the midnight breeze
shakes my brain
just as the leaves
that fall to the earth

And the stars call
begging for attention
before they too fall
like all other life

And I sit here
dreaming of happiness
losing each dream
with every lost tear

this darkness is mine
And it starts from my root
and floods up my spine
and crowns me prince

Prince of hell
ruler of my own pain
only a shell
just full of darkness

I return to me
and the destruction
that is my reality
against my will

For my will has died
and my strength left me
even though I tried
It was pointless

Futile from the start
such a waste of time
too weak in heart
I shouldn't have tried

Passive life is key
Though I'm unsure of how to love
When my life is a movie
And I'm watching myself

But trying to make
changes by my strength
made my spirit break
leaving me dead
just really depressed and needed to get it out of my system a little. I should be fluctuating back to furious soon, if I don't collapse from mental exhaustion first.
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August 29, 2012
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